How a local store can use ByBuy and sell online?

You are running a store, and provide home delivery of products to the customers in your locality, then why not sell online and get more orders from customers who are looking for the products online in your locality here is how you can do that :

1: Create a ByBuy store & list products in your store.
2: set a radius of area in which you deliver the product, it can be 100 meters or all over India, decide accordingly, your products will only be visible to consumers in that radius.
3: Get your daily customers to subscribe to your store on ByBuy so that you don't have to pay transaction fees each time they buy.
4: Now request your customers to order online, so that you don't need to take phone calls and write down the products they ordered every time they order, ByBuy will send you the complete info of all the products customer ordered, delivery time as per customer request, and contact number.
5: fulfill those orders as fast as you can and build customer loyalty. we will give you advance analytics using which you can issue discounts and coupons.

6: we also give an option to accept online payment or BOPS (Buy online and pay at the store) in BOPS scenario consumer will place an order online and either come to your store to pick the product or take home delivery and pay after delivery.

And you can do all this without incurring any upfront cost, the only time we charge you is when an unsubscribed customer buys something from your store. in all other scenarios its 0% transaction fee.

So, start selling online on ByBuy.