How to integrate Cashfree Payment gateway in ByBuy Store?

ByBuy enables sellers to accept online payment directly from consumers by integrating a payment gateway without writing a single line of code, to their ByBuy store (initially we are using Cashfree because they charge lower transaction fees from sellers).

If you are not registered on Cashfree, then the first step is to go to Cashfree website and register yourself.

Go To Cashfree

Complete the KYC, it will take two days for Cashfree to review your details and if it takes more then 2 days then contact the Cashfree team.

Once your account is activated, go to the credential tab and click generate your key.
you will get your merchant id and merchant secret key.

Now open ByBuy seller app and go to payment Section, select online payment or POD + PG (Both), input Your app id and Your Secret Key credential generated from cashfree, and ByBuy will verify your credentials and once the process is complete, cashfree payment gateway will be activated for your consumers and you will be able to accept online payment directly from your customers.

Also, you will be able to track /manage all your payment and refund related data from your Cashfree dashboard.

Watch this example video of Shopify payment gateway integration,
ByBuy Payment gateway integration process is similar.